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Carol Madrigal:Virtual Fieldtrip

Carol Madrigal:Virtual Fieldtrip

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I created this short film during my participation in the Fall 2020 UE Fellowship program for Epic.

My inspiration originated in my children's multiple visits to uneventful pre-recorded "virtual fieldtrips"  during the 2020 pandemic.

Some of the environment elements are assets given to us and some are created by me or assembled by me in UE. 

Camera and layout.

Full setup of enviroment setup (Marshlands)


Motion capture editing and facial capture and animation.

Layout for Mount Mlima scene, motion blends for the pre animated animal actions.

Lighting, post process elements and final rendering.

Manō - Sharkfilm - FX work

For a work inquiry private link to watch my work on the film

please message me at

To watch the trailer and movie site click here

FX work:

Worked with cloth simulations in Unreal Engine 4.27

to create interactions between characters

and organic moving bodies:

   Plastic bag

   Shark nets


   Ship sails

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